writers write

I read a classmate’s short fiction the other night and I immediately wanted to throw mine out. What are you even doing in this class? I asked myself. I hated what I wrote. I barely thought about it or spent time on it. It struck me that I really haven’t spent enough time writing or thinking about my writing all semester.

I was PEAKING in the summer when I took a non-fiction workshop that was 4x a week, 2 hours a day. I was churning shit OUT. Filling my journal up daily. Now, my journal barely gets touched and I can hardly write for either of my writing classes. I’ve been so buried under other schoolwork and working and…procrastination that is truly crippling. I know I should write but instead I sit around and scroll on my phone or binge old Sabrina episodes or Daria. Sigh.

Well, that’s why I made this, right?

We had a class visit in my Distinguished Living Writers series class from Donna Massini and Catherine Bartnett, poets who teach at Hunter. They spoke on the importance of writing every day and of course, I knew that already, but it felt like I’d forgotten. I’m gonna be taking 30 minutes to write every day. And another 30 to read! I haven’t been reading nearly enough, aside from my classmates’ work which is typically amazing.

I hope I find some inspiration to start something awesome today. I really want to start playing around with poetry. Sometimes I would rather be aloof in my non fiction and that doesn’t translate well, but in poetry, it’s perfect. I’ll be taking advantage of that.


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