Buzzfeed: 25 Books You May Have Missed This Year

This round-up highlighted some under the radar reads for 2021.

Buzzfeed: 13 Books By Latinx Authors That Will Get You In The Mood For Spooky Season

Spooky reads from Latinx authors!

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I love writing about books and when I get to insert some nostalgia, I’m really having a good time.


Buzzfeed: 19 Laugh Out Loud Moments From What We Do In The Shadows

It’s one of the funniest shows on TV right now.

Buzzfeed: 21 Times The Final Episodes Of “Pen15” Made Me Want To Cry For My Middle School Self

I get emotional just *thinking* about this gem of a show.

Buzzfeed: The 25 Greatest Cartoon Network Shows of All Time

I’m a Cartoon Network kid (and adult) through and through. So fun revisiting my old favs for this!

Film School Rejects: The Simple Comforts of Schitt’s Creek

I am the resident Schitt’s Creek expert in my friend group and family and will never miss an opportunity to talk about the genius of this show!

Everything else:

Buzzfeed: 25 Must Buy Items At ALDI

Little known fact about me: grocery shopping is my favorite pastime. 

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The Freelancer: How I Failed At Freelancing – And Why I’m Glad I Did

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